30 Best Blackjack Casino Apps

30 Best Blackjack Casino Apps

Blackjack is one of the favored casino card games around the world. It is also known as “21” because of the game's goal. There are many casinos that offer Blackjack games, but there are also casino apps that you can enjoy on your iPhone or Android. However, most of them do not offer real-money gambling. So, they are dedicated to those who want to enjoy a hassle-free, yet fun and challenging blackjack fun. Therefore, if you enjoy Blackjack and want to enjoy it on-the-go on your phone, there are the 30 Best Blackjack Casino Apps.


Blackjack by Microgaming

Microgaming Blackjack games can be played for Free or for Real Money at the following online casinos:

New Zealand Online CasinoCasino Bonus
Spin Casino $NZD 1000
Vegas Paradise Casino Up to $NZD 200 t&c 18+
Leo Vegas CasinoUp to $NZD 400 t&c 18+
Ruby Fortune Casino $NZD 750
Jackpot City  NZD 1600 Welcome Bonus 
Jackpot Paradise100% up to NZD $200 t&c 18+
Lucky NuggetWelcome Bonus of NZD 1000
Gaming ClubNZD 350 Bonus
River BelleNZ 800 Bonus
Platinum Play CasinoNZD$800
Royal VegasFree Spins and NZD 1200

blackjack21 blackjackistBlackjack 21: Blackjackist by KamaGames

It is one of the best free blackjack casino apps that millions of players from around the globe enjoy. The game puts you on a blackjack table with other players as you all try to beat the dealer. Play your Blackjack hand and beat the dealer to win the chips. You will enjoy the casino atmosphere that will make you feel the risk and enjoy the casino atmosphere to the max. So, get ready to improve your Blackjack skills, meet new friends, gain experience, and become the best blackjack player that you can be. The blackjack casino app offers free gameplay with free chips every single day. It is also RNG certified, which guarantees fair gameplay and a leveled playing field. Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here


Blackjack - Free&offlineBlackjack – Free & Offline by Fassor

If you crave Blackjack, and you like to enjoy it offline, just you and the dealer, then this blackjack casino app by Fassor is the one for you. Blackjack Free & Offline will make you a pro Blackjack player without the need to be connected to the internet. There are plenty of different casino rules to diversify the Blackjack experience. So, you can easily customize the rules to fit the rules of your favorite blackjack casino. It is optimized to work perfectly on tablets and mobile phones via the touch function. There are also integrated card counters such as Red Seven, Hi-Lo, Omega II, and Knock Out. The game contains several ads, but that is entirely normal in most, if not all, free casino apps on iPhones and Androids. Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here


blackjack championshipBlackjack Championship by BB Studio Inc

Blackjack Championship offers one of the most authentic blackjack casino games where you can play with players from around the world. Blackjack Championship also provides plenty of unique game modes that will offer a diverse blackjack experience. It provides the excitement you need, whether you are looking for a just for fun blackjack experience or competitive and serious gameplay. There are many casino rules and plenty of unique features that help create an authentic casino atmosphere. It offers plenty of free chips, including chips every four hours, as well as the Lucky Golden Box reward. It gives you the chance to host private blackjack tables for you and your friends or enjoy Sit-n-Go Mega tournaments. These tournaments let you compete with other players to win a Mega Prize that amounts to 50x the buy-in stake. Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here


blackjack by tripledotBlackjack by Tripledot Studio Limited

The blackjack casino app offers you the best way to enjoy the timeless card game for fun and risk-free. The Las Vegas game is all about getting to 21 or closer to it than the dealer. The casino app allows for massive wins and plenty of free chips. Therefore, you can enjoy the casino gameplay without any risks and with guaranteed random cards. You will get a great welcome bonus full of free chips, in addition to daily and weekly chip bonuses. There are also levels that you can earn and unlock as you progress during the gameplay. You can also enjoy playing offline or enjoy online live tournaments with other Blackjack enthusiasts from around the world. Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here


Blackjack21 casinoBlackjack 21: Online Blackjack Multiplayer Casino

Blackjack 21 by Funstage has millions of players worldwide that compete in this multiplayer blackjack casino app. The game is fun, and it expands on that fun with the addition of entertaining Side Bets that include some exclusive options. You will get plenty of free chips through the bonuses that you can claim during the day. You can unlock seven levels that start from Bronze to Black, which triggers huge chip bonuses, Diamond deals, and special boosts. There are new tournaments as well as seven casinos that you can visit within the app. There is the Athens casino, up to Monte Carlo, with higher stakes as you go higher. Overall, the casino app has a 4.5-star rating on Google Play, which is well-earned. Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here


Blakcjack legends 21Blackjack Legends 21

Wildcard Games presents one of the most popular and action-packed blackjack casino apps online that you can enjoy on Androids and iPhones alike. It is certainly one of the very fun and competitive casino apps. You will feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins as you place bets, live with other players around the world. Enhance your skills, count your cards, and become a pro Blackjack player. The game has free chip bonuses every four hours with the ability to increase your bankroll by linking your Facebook account. The blackjack casino app also has challenges like collecting 12 unique rings and a way to level-up to unlock all twelve locations. Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here


myVegas BlackjackmyVegas Blackjack

myVegas Blackjack casino app is a fun and free-to-play blackjack casino app. It is a Las Vegas styled Blackjack that has plenty of free chips that you can claim during the gameplay. If you enjoy Blackjack as well as other casino games, myVegas has plenty of different casino games, including slots and poker. When it comes to Blackjack, the app offers plenty of unique game modes as well as Las Vegas-inspired tables such as Mirage, MGM Grand, Luxor, and more. There are also multiple variant blackjack games including Multi-deck, Progressive Blackjack, Single Deck, and Freebet Blackjack. Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here



house of blackjackBlackjack 21: House of Blackjack

If you like Blackjack and want to enjoy it on the go with great feature and gameplay options, then your wish has come true, with the help of Blackjack 21: House of Blackjack. Blackjack will always be at your fingertips, literally, through your phone or tablet. The Blackjack casino app comes with plenty of side bets, including Jackpot Busters and Jackpot of Gold, where you can claim up to 1000x in rewards. It is a free to play app, which means no real money gambling is available. The casino app will also provide you with numerous bonuses and free chips opportunities. There are also plenty of Blackjack trends such as Double Downs, Golden Bets, and Golden Splits. Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here


blazing blackjackBlazing Bets Blackjack

Blazing Bets Blackjack is a top-rated casino blackjack app. It features numerous blackjack rules and types, including Multi-hand Blackjack, Single Deck, Blazing Bets Blackjack, Poker 21, and Royal Crown Blackjack. The casino app works as perfect as possible through any tablet and Smartphone and compatible with different seized-screens through the touch function. The casino app has beautiful casino-styled visuals that create an authentic Las Vegas experience. You will be able to collect plenty of free chips every single day in addition to many bonuses and offers. Although the casino app does not offer real money gambling, there are some add-ons that you can purchase to enhance and expand your experience. Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here


Blackjack SolitairePuzzle 21 – Blackjack Solitaire Hybrid

Puzzle 21 is a unique Blackjack casino app that brings a whole unique experience and puzzle challenge. It is a hybrid that merges between two popular card games, which are Blackjack and Solitaire. So in this game, you will not be played against the dealer's hand, but you will play Blackjack in the form of Solitaire. You will try to get the most points out of a deck of cards by forming columns that add up to twenty-one. The game has multiple new decks, tables, and card backs that you can unlock during the gameplay. There is also a Leaderboard feature that you can climb as you get better scores to beat your friends to show them who the best Blackjack Solitaire player out there is. So, get ready to enjoy a popular game in a unique new way for unstoppable fun. Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here


Multi hand blackjackMulti-Hand Blackjack by Naïve Code

Multi-Hand Blackjack is a casino app by Naïve Code, which brings one of the most popular Blackjack versions to the mobile world. It is none other than Multi-Hand Blackjack. So you will no longer have one hand that you can split, where all of your stakes will depend on during the gameplay. You will get multiple Blackjack hands that you can play simultaneously, with up to 8 decks of cards. You can get up to three hands to triple the fun, the excitement, and the rewards. There is a Fun Mode and a serious mode of those who are looking for challenging gameplay. Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here


Blackjack World TournamentBlackjack World Tournament

Blackjack World Tournament is one of the few apps that offer real live blackjack tournaments. You will be able to practice your skills and understand how Blackjack works before heading to a real casino. There are multiple tournaments with different levels of difficulty; they are tournaments in Macau, Tokyo, Sydney, and Las Vegas. You can compete with up to two other players in eight hands. In addition, there is also the Spin & Go mode, where the top chip holder will grab a prize. You can also play through the Free Bet Mode with your friends from around the world with Pair Bets and Multi Bets. Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here



Hardrock BlackjackHard Rock Blackjack

Discover the Blackjack world of Hard Rock Casino games with the great amount of Blackjack games by Hard rock Casino. You can invite your friends to the app or play with people from around the world at the numerous Blackjack tables that the casino has. You will enjoy such Blackjack experience with 3D visuals and graphics. There are plenty of game modes and multi-table tournaments. There are also plenty of quests that you can try to achieve to earn bonus chips, so the fun never stops. The gameplay at Hard Rock casino, including Blackjack, is entirely fair, with guaranteed and certified RNG (Random Number Generator). Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here


Blackjack OfficialBlackjack! Official

Blackjack Official Casino by Noriworks is one of the best online blackjack casinos, and it is completely free. You can enjoy Blackjack offline and online, without any registration, and without asking any deposits. It offers a fresh, light, and a worry-free blackjack experience so you can hone your Blackjack skills without having to be connected to the internet. There are plenty of side bets, including Dealer Blackjack and Perfect 7 side bets. There are also plenty of dealer voices, accounting meters as well as leader boards that you can try to climb to compete with other players and show off your Blackjack skills. Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here


blackjack side betsBlackjack – Side Bets

Blackjack Side Bets by SNG Games is a play-for-free blackjack game. You can enjoy the popular casino game for free, through your mobile or tablet. You will be able to enjoy fantastic visuals experience with beautiful graphics and plenty of card decks to pick from during the gameplay. When it comes to chips, the casino app provides plenty of opportunities to earn free chips, including welcome bonuses, as well as daily bonuses. Since the casino app is all about Side Bets, you will find plenty of side wagers, including Perfect Pairs, which will reward you for getting a perfect pair as a starting hand. Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here


advanced 21 blackjackAdvanced 21 Blackjack

Advanced 21 Blackjack offers one of the most realistic and free to play Blackjack casino apps without having to set your foot into a casino. It has customizable blackjack table rules. Therefore, you can easily enjoy your favorite version of Blackjack by merely tweaking each game's rules. It also offers advanced gameplay options, visuals, and play style. It will provide you with hundreds of gameplay hours where you can hone your blackjack skills and enhance your strategies. Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here



Battlejack Blackjack RPGBlackjack: Battlejack RPG

Blackjack: Battlejack RPG by Grand Cru Games LLC is undoubtedly one of the unique entries to this list. It is not entirely a casino blackjack game, but it is a fantasy RPG card game that is inspired by the Blackjack casino game. You will collect legendary heroes and then engage in a risky and fun card battle game. The rules of Blackjack inspire the battle system of the fantasy game, but with a twist. You are going to go on a fantastic and epic story and journey. It takes place in the world of Midgard that is full of adventures and legendary heroes. There is the Dark Maze location where you will face off against powerful enemies and face extraordinary challenges. Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here


card counter blackjackCard Counter Blackjack

Card Counter is an exciting casino app that revolves around the techniques of Blackjack counting. So if you love Blackjack, and you always see people in movies counting cards, and you wanted to know what that is, then this is your chance. You will get to know all about Card Counting without having to enroll in MIT. The features include a study guide that will help you learn card counting, as well as a card tutorial and practice modes that will help you tune your skills. There is also the popular Hi-Lo strategy that you can enjoy through the full version of the casino app. Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here


gold rush blackjackGold Rush Blackjack

Gold Rush Blackjack offers great visuals, 3 different blackjack tables, and straightforward and quick gameplay. It allows for fun gameplay, where you can hone your Blackjack skills. You will play against the dealer and try to get a total of cards of 21 without passing it. The game doesn't involve real money gambling, as all bets are played with free bets or free chips. As for earning chips, the app has a great welcome bonus, as well as plenty of daily bonuses and offers that you can claim during your stay. Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here



blackjack royaleBlackjack 21 Royale

Blackjack 21 Royale by Kuyi Mobile offers one of the most immersive and addictive Blackjack casino apps that you will enjoy on your tablet and Smartphone. It is a free blackjack game where you can play against players and dealers from all around the world. There are plenty of game rules, including the popular Las Vegas Blackjack Rules. The casino app has neat and clean visuals, as well as a user-friendly interface. You will face off against seven bankers from around the world, and you will get to travel to different casinos and destinations, which will keep the gameplay fun and engaging. It also uses smooth animations, fun gameplay, and the ability to enjoy the casino app offline without an internet connection. So, overall, you better be ready for an exciting and unforgettable blackjack experience. Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here


Blackjack StarBlackjack Star

Blackjack Star is a free to play Blackjack app that will take you into Las Vegas anytime through your phone. It will help you become a Blackjack star by honing your Blackjack skills so you can use it at the casino. The game has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to enjoy the game. It has high-quality resolutions and sounds that will create an immersive experience that is enjoyable and fun. There are also different deck shuffling and dealing animations that create the real Las Vegas ride. Blackjack Star offers plenty of features, bonuses, and free chips that you can claim from the start of the experience and during the gameplay. Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here


Blackjack Verite FreeBlackjack Verite Free

BV-F is a free version of the popular Blackjack Verite game that supports basic blackjack strategy without all of the advanced and complicated options. The blackjack casino app has realistic graphics, so you will not see cartoonish graphics filling up the screen. Instead of unnecessary visuals, you will see card animations, discard trays, and more; they are all realistic. It is completely free, so that you can download it at any time, without any purchases. As for the chips, you can get plenty of free chips during the gameplay through bonuses and offers. Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here


blackjack trainer all in one by Blackjack advantage playerBlackjack All in one Trainer by Blackjack Advantage Player

Blackjack Trainer by Blackjack Advantage Player is one of the few apps that offer a fantastic basic strategy guide for the game of Blackjack. The casino app has three modes. There is the Play Mode, the Train Mode, and the Simulate Mode. The training app will help take the house edge off by understanding more about the game, its statistics, and learning and practicing these newly acquired skills. The Play mode has many statistics that will help you understand the chances of everything about the game. Three are also card counting charts, training guides, strategy drills, and much more. Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here


Blackjack by DroidvedaBlackjack by DroidVeda LLP

Blackjack is a popular game, and DroidVeda LLP has created one of the most popular Blackjack casino apps. You will play a 1-on-1 game with the dealer, as you will try to get a total of cards of 21 without busting. You can play the Blackjack hand with one out of numerous deck cards. There are plenty of rules and blackjack tables available. The visuals are stunning, and they help create a fun and engaging Blackjack experience that is like none other. The features include 1000 free chips for every day you log in to the casino app. It is also compatible with numerous tablets, phones, and operating devices. It also has intuitive gameplay and user-interface. Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here


Magic BlackjackMagic Blackjack Casino

Magic Blackjack Casino offers one of the most authentic blackjack casino apps that you can enjoy anywhere and anytime. It is the perfect casino app for you to work on your Blackjack skills. It helps you hone your skills and get the same experience as a Las Vegas casino. There is no internet needed, as the casino app is available offline. There are daily free bonus chips that will help increase your bankroll so you can keep placing bets on Blackjack hands non-stop. There are also Premium free games that come with HD visuals as well as entertaining audio effects that create an immersive ride. Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here


Blackjack 21 HDBlackjack 21 HD

Blackjack 21 HD offers an HD blackjack casino experience that is fun and entertaining. It is absolutely free, and you will always get free chips through its various bonuses and offers. There is also a level-up bonus that enhances your gameplay, as you get to higher levels, and claiming plenty of free chips along the way. There is a numerous variety of stunning themes with beautiful card decks and tables that get their inspiration from Las Vegas casinos. You can also change the rules of the Blackjack tables so they can fit your favorite Blackjack version. Overall, the casino app has classic gameplay, straightforward controls, and HD graphics that create an unforgettable Blackjack experience. Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here


Blackjack TrainerBlackjack Trainer: All in One by Blue Wind Studio

Blackjack Trainer: All in One is one of the most popular and useful Blackjack training apps. It will help you understand all about Blackjack, Hose Edge, card counting, and more. The casino app's key features include knowing the odds of Blackjack, and the app will show you the different rules and how they affect your edge and chances of winning. There is also a basic strategy trainer. It is the ultimate tool to provide you with strategy charts, strategy drills, and training guides. It also has a Card counting guide, in which you can understand how card counting works and how to utilize it to be to your advantage. The casino offers all that through a clean and fast interface, gorgeous visuals that are slick, and HD with fast gameplay. Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here


Blackjack 2 in 1Blackjack 2 in 1

Blackjack 2 in 1 offers a Blackjack experience that has terrific visuals with clear and quick gameplay, simple rules as well as a Leaderboard Achievement.  The game mixes between GoGo and Classic Blackjack. GoGo 21 is based partly on the rules of Blackjack, and counting cards with the main objective is to place the cards in a way that would make a total of 21 as many times as you can every round. The game has plenty of offers and bonuses through which you can earn plenty of chips, so the fun never stops at this Blackjack 2 in 1 casino app by KoBruy. Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here


Dragon ace casino blackjackDragon Ace Casino – Blackjack

Dragon Ace Casino is one of the most popular casino apps, and one of its great offerings is Blackjack. You will enjoy exciting gameplay of Blackjack online with other players, or free. You will join Blackjack players from around the world. Dragon Ace Casino offers the most authentic blackjack experience online with many side bets and two exciting gameplay styles. As for visuals, there are up to 8 decks of card that you can play with, in addition to Insurance side bets, a card counting tracker, and basic strategy guides. You will start the fun with 100,000 chips, with the ability to earn more for free through a multitude of bonuses and offers. Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here


catch 21Catch 21 Blackjack

Catch 21 Blackjack is addictive yet fun and a simple game. You can enjoy the game online or offline. The game mixes between two popular card games, Blackjack and Solitaire. So you will try to stack your cards to get the point total to 21 while utilizing Blackjack rules when it comes to card values. The game has plenty of features, including a Leaderboard, different background colors, and overall smooth gameplay. Play Blackjack For Free or Real Money Here