Australia NRL Working on Tougher Security Guidelines during Game Day

The Integrity Unit of the Australian National Rugby League (NRL) is reportedly working on tougher security guidelines, which team managers, coaches, players and gaming officials have to observe during game day. The Australia News Corp reports that since the end of the last season, the newly formed NRL regulatory unit has been working on new laws, which it intends to propose and implement starting with the 2014 NRL matches.

An estimated AU$500 million in bets would be taken on for this year's NRL as it has been noted that the betting activities for NRL game results and other probabilities had increased ten-fold during the decade.  Although those directly participating in the NRL matches are forbidden from betting on the games, the restriction does not extend to families and friends.

In light of this security loophole, the NRL Integrity Unit plans to propose guidelines that include the confiscation of mobile phones during game days, and the use of photo identification as a means to limit dressing room accessibility to team players, coaches and managers only.

The NRL Integrity Unit was established in 2013 and works in coordination with the Australian Crime Commission, Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority, and the Federal Government, in order to strengthen the association's capability in meeting all emerging threats that could assail the integrity of the sports industry as a whole. Although the Ryan Tandy game-fixing scandal that rocked the NRL in 2010 resulted to a guilty verdict, the association watchdog is apparently working on measures aimed at cleaning up gambling security before the 2014 NRL season kicks off in March.