Australian Casino Ladbrokes Offers Instant Cash Out

Australian Casino Ladbrokes Offers Instant Cash Out By Way of ATM/Debit Card   

Ladbrokes online casino Australia and sports bookie is out to give Aussie betting companies Tatts Group and Tabcorp a run for their money, as the UK-backed online bookmaker is all set to offer customers a quick way to cash out winnings at ATMs or EFTPOS-supported establishments. The latest payout method allows winning bettors to have instant access to their prize money by withdrawing from cash machines or by purchasing goods and services using their Ladbrokes Debit Card.

The convenience of betting online is further enhanced since customers no longer have to go through the usual waiting period of at least one day or even more, before the cash prize becomes available in one's bank account. Ladbrokes General Manager, James Burnett, explained that one of the reasons why most Aussie punters prefer to place wagers at TAB retail shops is because they can immediately withdraw their winnings at the vending outlets.

Mr. Burnett added that the latest offering also has the potential of attracting online bettors patronizing the Internet-based bookmakers like Sportsbet, Tom Waterhouse and Sportingbet. As it is, cashing out winnings from these online sportsbetting companies still go through the customary waiting period typical to online financial transactions.

With the Ladbrokes Debit Card, it will take about only 20 to 40 seconds after an official result has been declared, in making the funds instantaneously obtainable to winners. Still, the new payment method is available only to customers with proven or verified identity and that the funds drawn via the debit card will be limited to amount/s credited as winnings. Moreover, ATM withdrawals are capped at £1,000 per day, while completed EFTPOS transactions are up to a maximum of £2,500 per day.