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Adelaide is the capital of the South Australia state, and is located in the southern portion of Australia.  While initially it was planned to be directly on the coast, the first surveyor general had another idea.  He moved the central part of the city inland a bit and surrounded it with a ring of parks, which are still known as the Adelaide Parklands.  This ring of greenspace inside a bustling capital is a beautiful and practical use of land, and provides a nice respite for city-dwellers.  Of course, it’s still very close to the Adelaide Harbor, but provides just enough distance to make a big difference.

Adelaide isn’t typically known for its abundance of tourist attractions, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t host some amazing cultural centers and museums, and has made itself known for many of the unique festivals and concerts held annually.  In fact, there are so many different events that are held in autumn, mainly in the month of March, that it has been dubbed ‘mad March’ by many of the locals.  These festivals range from numerous music festivals, the Adelaide Film Festival, one geared towards writers, and so many more unique ones.  These events are visited by millions each year, and are definitely ones to visit for those with any interest in the subjects.  Adelaide also hosts the annual Adelaide Christmas Pageant, which is the largest Christmas parade in the world.  If none of the above peaked your interest, perhaps you’d appreciate one of the many cultural festivals they hold instead, including Schützenfest, or Glendi, a Greek festival.

Of course, if you would rather enjoy some indoor entertainment, specifically if you’re visiting during the hot summer months and want a break from the heat, the Adelaide Casino is a favorite local spot.  This indoor casino has nearly a thousand of different video gaming machines, with pokies being the most prominent and the most popular.  Of course, you’ll also find your favorite video blackjack and video poker machines as well.  If you prefer the live aspect of card games, they have nearly one hundred different table games available, any of which are sure to tickle your fancy.  As well as all of the gambling entertainment, Adelaide Casino also has numerous restaurants and bars, and features some of the best dining experiences in Adelaide.