WodongaAlbury–Wodonga is the broad settlement of Australia's twin cities, Albury and Wodonga, separated politically by the state border and geographically by the Murray River. Albury is on the north of the river, which is part of New South Wales while Wodonga is located on the south bank in Victoria.

In many ways the center operates as one community, yet there are separate local governments and state government services. Plans to make Albury–Wodonga into a major inland city was a strategy for the tourist industry as well as the commercial industry.
Some of the industries were enticed to move into the inland with a certain amount of the population. However, due to decentralization policies, such plans to populate inland cities and areas other than the State capitals were abandoned.

As a result, no other Government whether Labor or conservative has attempted to build up the population in the inland areas. The current population of Albury–Wodonga is approximately 104,609 residents falling short of the once projected 300,000 residence.

This has actually worked toward the benefit of Albury–Wodonga since it is not nearly as densely populated, it has become a major tourist attraction. Surround by multiple lakes and rivers, in the plush South Eastern part of Australia, there is room for plenty of outdoor activities such as golfing, hiking, camping as well as the many water sports available by the surrounding lakes, streams and rivers.

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