Alice Springs

Alice SpringsHow To Have A Great Vacation To Alice Springs

Alice Springs is located in the north central region of Australia, in the Northern Territories province. This city is relatively small, far smaller than the major metropolitan areas of Australia. It has a mere 28,000 people. The city is situated in a desert-like region of the country, called the “red centre”. The weather in Alice Springs tends to be quite hot and dry, particularly during November through March. The area surrounding Alice Springs is extremely remote and desolate. In fact, the city is located within the Outback. However, there also is a casino located within the city of Alice Springs that has many fun attractions within it.

Alice Springs has a lot of beautiful natural scenery around it. For that reason, if you are a nature lover, Alice Springs is a great place to visit. There are numerous hiking trails in different areas around the city. The MacDonnell Ranges are not too far from the city. If you don't mind driving a bit outside of town, there are some great mountains that you can hike. However, the best season for hiking is during the winter. Summer temperatures in the Alice Springs area become oppressively hot. The high temperatures and dry air can pose a dehydration risk to hikers.

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