BathurstBathurst was first settled by European back in 1815.City quickly became an exceedingly wealthy town and a regional center of many expansions, and its place in the Australia’s history is still evident through a large number of buildings, monuments, and parks. However, this is not the only thing that attracts tourist; some of them even like to try their own luck in one of the city’s casinos.


If you are wondering what to do or visit in Bathurst, there are many historical monuments as well as many religious buildings that played a certain role in its history, including Assumption Church, St Stephens Presbyterian Church, St Barnabas’ South Bathurst and many others.

When it comes to its collection of museums, Bathurst is unusual in the sense that these museums represent different historical periods, from very first settlements to the much later period. For instance, Abercrombie House with 40 rooms represents a truly historic mansion built in the 1870s. Then, there is the Bathurst Historical Society Museum with its collection of documents from the early periods, and Central Bathurst with its collection of minerals and fossils.


For those willing to have some fun and try their luck, there is a number of popular casinos surrounding Bathurst famous for their slot games and promotions. These include The Right Spot 2000, Pool Palace, Jooly’s, Dooly’s Caraquet and many others.
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So, if you want to be spoilt for choice and have the best holiday ever, be free to visit Bathurst. From historical monuments to incredible beaches, there is a lot you can see and enjoy. And if you are a fan of gambling, there are many casinos that will make sure you have the best night ever!