BlacktownThe city of Blacktown is located in western Sydney, just west of the central business district. It is the fifth most populated local government area in all of Australia. With beautiful landmarks and limitless entertainment, the city is a huge attraction to many visitors and tourists from all over the world.

Australian Museum Sydney

For over 180 years, the Australian Museum has been an attraction for residents and tourists. General admission is free for children under the age of 16 and $15 for adults. Concessions are $8 and there are sometimes fees associated with temporary exhibits within the museum. The museum houses a wide variety of animals including dinosaurs, birds, and fish. The museum plays a large role in research and education and is a landmark known worldwide. Many tourists choose to visit the Australian Museum Sydney during their stays in the city of Blacktown. It is open every day of the year with the exception of Christmas Day.

Queen Victoria Building

The Queen Victoria Building is another landmark that is known worldwide and attracts visitors from all over the world. The elegant building houses shops, coffee shops, and eateries. Admission is free for everyone but there are guided tours available that do require a fee. Some of the available tours include a 45 minute historical tour of the building and a chocolate tasting tour.

The Star Casino

Finally, the Star Casino is a major attraction for visitors and tourists all over the world. Tourists often visit the Star Casino while visiting the city of Blacktown. The Star Casino offers everything one would expect from a highly rated casino. Enjoy your evening at the gaming tables or playing the machines. An all-you-can-eat is also available to help make sure hunger does not get in the way of your great time.