Casino Canberra

Casino CanberraCasino Canberra is a land-based casino located in Canberra’s Central Business District. Canberra is the Australian capital city. Canberra was the first legal casino to operate in the Capital city’s Territory. It is built on land that was acquired from Glebe Park on a 99-year lease from the casino owners and the city authorities.

It is small as compared with other casinos in the country since it does not incorporate facilities such as hotels, theatres, retail stores or auditoriums. It has a total of 39 table games which includes blackjack, baccarat, roulette and other popular casino games.

The famous casino also features a sports lounge and a poker lounge with modern TAB facilities. Its rewards program known as the Senators Club enables members to accumulate points that are redeemable for prizes, at its restaurant or chosen hotels and enterprises in the Canberra City. Senators Club members have the privilege when securing parking spaces or entry into gambling tournaments that are hosted by the casino.

Casinos Austria International came up as an ACT Government when was selected as the preferred operator in January 1992. Tat resulted from the permission of the Federal Government to give a casino licence.

A subsidiary firm, Casino Canberra Limited was consequently formed due to this purpose. To get the licence, Casinos Austria deposited $19 million upfront for land lease and additional $500,000 licensing fee. A temporary casino kicked off its operation on 14 November the year 1992 at the then National Convention Centre, and the permanent casino finally opened on 29 July the year 1994.

Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke was among the distinguished guests who graced the grand opening party. The Prime Minister was incidentally the maiden winner of the golden-plated roulette ball that the casino used in its first spin of its roulette wheel during its inception. The Aquis Group, which is operated by Tony Fung, a Hong Kong billionaire bought the casino in the year 2014.

Casino Canberra is the sole holder of a licence to operate betting tables in the entire Australian Capital. However, unlike other popular casino in Australia, it has no licence to operate poker machines. The casino has earlier tried to lobby the city government to lift the legislation in vain.

These attempts are foiled partly due to concerns from most Canberra's clubs that fear loss of business from their poker machines. In 2013, it was reported amid concerns about its continuing viability, that it was willing to return the land to the city government. That would consequently allow the expansion of the National Convention Centre. The casino would also pay an upfront fee to get the licensing rights for up to 200 machines.

The casino is located on 21 Binara St, Canberra ACT 2601. Its support line is +61 2 6257 7074.