City of Greater Geelong

Greater GeelongThe City of Greater Geelong resides in the Barwon Southwest district of Victoria, Australia; it's a charmingly eccentric, seaside town which you should certainly mark out on your “to do”. Regardless of whether you like the hustle and bustle of cheery town life or prefer more subdued and quieter surroundings, Geelong has it all. The epicenter of it all, of course, is central Geelong, the heart of the city and the busiest and most exciting part of the area.

Those of you who enjoy the outdoors can take a leisurely stroll down Greater Geelong's North Bay trail area where, every year, it is customary practice for all the best local artists to hang their work in a dazzling public display. If that isn't enough for the outdoor explorers amongst you then try a trip down to the renowned Eastern Beach which boasts not only a wide variety of swimming locations but historic art deco facades and a beautiful, handcrafted antique carousel.

You have all been told not to eat before swimming but what about after? What is better after a long walk and a relaxing swim than a delicious treat? Well, you are in luck, for there is no shortage of excellent cuisine in Geelong. Some excellent choices include the McGlashan's Wallinton Eastate restaurant with it's colorful, hand crafted sushi and the locally renowned Little Creatures Brewing Company and Diner which features a enormous array of their very own draft beers and home made delicacies.

If that is not enough for you and you are feeling extra luck there are also a very wide variety of locally owned casinos for the card savvy and dice favored. One such establishment is the Crown Melbourne, located in, well obviously – Melbourne. In addition to the standard fair of card games, such as poker and blackjack, slots and the rest, the Crown is also a inn with their own restaurant – and if that wasn't enough they regularly feature live shows at their in-house theatre such as concerts and live dance acts!