City of Parramatta

ParramattaThe city of Parramatta seems to be made for walking tours. That is definitely the best way to most fully enjoy it. To that end, there have been created nine brand-new walking trails of various difficulties and themes. While walking, you will always find some form of entertainment in Parramatta from stores to sports stadiums to race tracks to art fairs and exhibits.

Besides walking, there are also multiple other modes of transportation to tour the amazingly historical city. These historical tours may be the best thing about vacationing in Parramatta. The city is rich in history. It has plentiful history dating all the way back to the original colonization of Australia. Perhaps the best and most popular of these tours is the Ghost Tour of the Old Government House. The 212-year-old home was used as a governor’s mansion until 1855. Since that time it has been empty of dwellers, but it is set to be haunted by the ghosts of past inhabitants.

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