Crown Sydney

Crown Sydney Crown Sydneyis a six star Australian land casino and hotel resort that was founded in 2012. It is the second legal casino in Sydney, after the star casino, to be opened. It is located at Barangaroo, Sydney, Australia. Unlike any other casino, Crown Sydney operates with only VIP membership restrictions. The casino has a whopping 75 floors translating to 890ft tall. Before its construction, Chifley Tower was the tallest habitable building in Sydney but Crown Sydney has surpassed it and owns the title. The luxurious world class casino and hotel features 350 suites and hotel rooms, dedicated and signature restaurants, world class residential apartments, conference rooms, pool and VIP gaming and recreational facilities.

Gaming facilities at Crown Sydney are world class or may be exceeds ordinary state of the art expectations. It consists luxurious world class gaming rooms that are private as well as salons for gaming that can be used by international, local and interstate members.

Due to its nature of international competitiveness in VIP casino gaming and hotel business, smoking is allowed in VIP gaming areas. Responsible, safe and secure gaming practices is the ultimate aim of the casino. It is for this reason that the casino only uses VIP gaming pokies that have significantly reduced gambling problems that could have risen from use of low limit cables and poker machines. Security is enhanced as only VIP members are the ones that can access gaming pokies and not the general public.

At the casino, other world class casino games are offered too. These games include Baccarat, Blackjack, Pontoon, Big Wheel, Vegas Star Roulette, Mississippi stud and Texas hold ‘em bonus.

Due to its VIP and world class reputation and nature, the casino has world class restaurants with highly trained personnel. Dining in the restaurants at the hotel is enjoyable, almost effortless and pleasurable. Some of the available delicacies and cuisines in the menu include modern Japanese delicacies that are presented in a cool setting, classic Milanese cuisine delicious Chinese foods that could be pleasurable and enticing to you and your family. Highly trained and qualified international chefs ensure that you receive your desirable fresh and freshening food and drinks.

For VIP members who don’t wish to drive around, there is a helipad atop the Crown Sydney and a smaller landing strip on the ground for larger helicopters. Security at the hotel and casino is almost 100 percent protected from unwanted disturbances for any VIP member. This is solely because no one can access the casino and hotel without being a VIP member. Nightlife at the casino is not ordinary as other casinos.

Nightlife options available include live music from designated bands that are approved by the management and VIP members, dance floors that are world class, overly sexy cocktails for people of all ages, enclaves that are absolutely quiet, 24-hour bar. Basically this is the ultimate casino and hotel for VIP in the world like you. You can contact us through: Level 3 Crown Towers, 8 Whiteman Street, Southbank VIC 3006.