GosfordThe coastal city of Gosford is located in New South Wales, Australia and will be a delight for you and your fellow travelers. The city boasts not only many beautiful vistas and landmarks but also a wide variety of activities and shopping sites. For those interested in the latter (shopping malls, trading stands, and other vending outlets) be sure you take the time and stop in at Gosford Central. The heart of the city contains the commerce district which features the Grand Ole Imperial Shopping Center and the fantastical William Street Mall which carries nearly everything under the sun such as restaurants, clothing centers, fashion boutiques, cafes and even a in-house bank.

Next, for the art lovers among you, take some time out of your itinerary to be sure and catch a showing at the famed Edogawa Commerative Garden Gallery (also referred to as the Gosford Regional Gallery), a beautiful and verdant sanctuary artfully cultivated and arranged, hidden away from the frantic bustle of the inner city. Here you can take a break from you hectic and tiring routine and meditate to the aromatic breezes of this beautiful hide-away and even have a coffee and dessert while you relax at the sites in-house cafe!

For those of you with a more adventurous and outdoorsy bent try out the spacious trails of the Somersby Falls Picnic Grounds. Located in the Brisbane Water National Park, this wilderness area's most prominent feature is the Somersby Falls themselves which cascade beautifully off a long rock decline. It's a excellent place to stop and stretch your legs or, as the name suggests, have picnic with friends or even the whole family.

Finally, if you like big risk and bigger rewards, love games and hate monotony, then, above everything else you must spend a night at one of the renowned local casinos. The most famous of which is The Star, a resplendent little gem only a scant hours drive away from the city of Gosford itself. Here you will be able to play at the tables and slots but also stay over night at their luxury inn or relax in their world class health spa!