MandurahMandurah is located not too far away from Perth, Australia. This means that it is within a comfortable day's drive to enjoy all the attractions of Perth while staying in Mandurah. Mandurah itself is a city of around 80 thousand people. However, Perth is a major metropolitan area with a population of more than 2 million. Perth is also an excellent city for tourists to visit, and there is a great casino located in Perth. There are also some attractions that are located right in Mandurah.

In Mandurah, the ocean is right there. The city is located on the coast. Therefore, if going to the beach is your thing, it is very possible to do that right from Mandurah. There are also boat rentals and places where you can see dolphins. If you are more interested in museums, there are some in Mandurah. In Mandurah, there is a community museum, a performing arts center, and a sailing museum. If you are into nightlife, there are also some spots right in the city of Mandurah.

Perth, Australia is located just under an hour from Mandurah. In Perth, there are numerous things for a tourist to do. Perth has a fairly rich nightlife, as it is a large metropolitan area. If you are interested in seeing the local landmarks, there are plenty of those in Perth. Perth features the Barracks Arch. This was originally part of a larger structure. However, all of the structure was demolished except for the arch of the entrance. The Perth Mint is also located in the city of Perth.

In Perth, there is also an excellent casino called Crown Perth. This casino has lots of options available for gamers. There are also specific gaming events that happen at the casino. In addition to that, it is possible to stay at a casino hotel at Crown Perth. The casino also has venues where it is possible to drink during your stay.