Moreton Bay

Moreton BayA Great Time In Australia's Moreton Bay Region

The Moreton Bay region of Australia is located on the east coast of the continent, off the coast of Brisbane. On the other side of the bay is an island, called Moreton Island. The weather in The Moreton Bay area tends to be quite mild, due to it's location in the subtropics. There are many things that would interest tourists in the Moreton Bay area's most populated locale, Brisbane. If you are interested in gambling, there is an excellent casino located in the City of Brisbane. If nature is more your thing, there is plenty of that on Moreton Island. In fact, more than 90 percent of Moreton Island is protected by the Australian government.

Brisbane itself has a population of around two million people. It is a very large city indeed. In fact, it is Australia's third largest city and the largest city in Queensland. In this large city, there are some interesting landmarks. Aznac Square is an interesting place to visit. The square contains a monument to Australian soldiers who died in battle. The square also has gardens and other interesting sights, such as an ‘eternal flame'. There is also an old windmill that is located in Brisbane. This windmill dates back to the 1820s. There are also a number of well known historic houses to visit, such as The Wolston House, The Newstead House, The Wynum Esplade, and The Ormiston House.

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