PakenhamPakenham, Australia is booming industrial town about 40 miles south-east of Melbourne. The area was primarily inhabited by aborigines until the exploration and settlement by Europeans. The first European-built structure on this spot was the Latrobe Inn. From there, the development of the site grew until Pakenham was declared a town in 1861. It was around the same time that nearby towns were also being erected. However, Pakenham, soon became a central town in the territory, become the seat of the government of the area.

Like much of Australia, Pakenham’s history if rich and immensely interesting. However, there is much more to Pakenham than that. Today it remains a major center of social interaction. One of its biggest drawing points is its shopping sector. Some of its shopping malls are the largest in the state. Sports are another big social drawing point. There are many kinds of sports represented in Pakenham, including horse racing, golf, baseball, cricket, tennis, basketball, and football. All or most of these are accompanied by some of the best sports facilities.

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