PerthPerth Casinos and Tourism

Perth is one of the top most populated cities in Australia, right up there with Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.  This Western Australia city also holds the title of state capital.  Perth is a very popular tourist destination, and while international tourism only makes up a small percentage of this, domestic tourism is booming.  This city boasts several beautiful parks, including one of the world’s largest inner city parks, Kings Park.  Lots of rainfall and a moderate climate with mild, wet winters leads to plenty of green space throughout the city.

Perth also hosts one of the best interactive science museums and planetariums in Australia, the Scitech Discovery Centre.  This museum allows visitors a fun and interactive hands-on experience, and is constantly changing the exhibits and activities.  This means that no two visits are exactly the same, and it has become a regular spot for tourists and locals alike.  Locals also enjoy the numerous outdoor shopping malls, which are situated in several locations in the city, and are the perfect afternoon activity for anyone seeking some retail therapy.  There are also several museums that are great to visit for those seeking art or maritime history.

Sports enthusiasts will appreciate the wide variety and selection of sports teams that call Perth home.   This city has more than a dozen sports teams, ranging from netball and rugby to football, both Australian rules and association football.  There is also a baseball team, a men’s and a women’s basketball team, and several cricket teams.  Since the climate here is very moderate, sports are a very popular outdoor activity, for both spectators and athletes alike.

The climate in Perth is much different than the other top cities in Australia.  While it is a coastal city, it’s overly rainy weather and moderate climate do not make it an ideal beach town.  Instead, its population has found other forms of indoor entertainment, like finding new dining experiences, museums, and casinos.  The most popular casino in Perth is undoubtedly Crown Perth.  This architectural beauty houses a brilliant casino, and its close proximity to transportation centers and other popular attractions.  This casino boasts more than 2500 coin operated games, from video poker and video blackjack to keno, and of course, a vast selection of pokies.  Crown Perth is also the only casino in all of Australia to offer a Two-Up casino ring.