The City of Ballarat

BallaratThe city of Ballarat in Victoria Australia, is a city with a rich history. You won't find another city specifically named for the Scottish man who first laid claim to the land by squatting his family and his sheep on it. Most of Ballarat continued to be a resting place for settlers until it became a boomtown in the gold rush era when gold was ironically discovered in an area called Poverty Point. Since the time of gold came and passed, Ballarat has seen a steady growth and continues to be a great destination for business and pleasure seekers who discover it.

Once you've been to Ballarat, you'll be among the few who'll add it to your list of secret getaway destinations. There's nothing like cruising the living garden boulevard known as Sturt Street, which is known as the finest in all of Australia. You won't want to neglect a chance to visit the Ballarat Wildlife Park while you're there. Who doesn't want every chance to feed and socialize with kangaroo's and other world famous native animals. Of course, you also won't want to miss some of Ballarat's finest annual events. Whether you're into agriculture, fine craft beers, spectacular sports or deep history, there's plenty here for you.

Sadly, you're not going to find that Ballarat is rich in casino's. Sure, you'll find a few pokie machines in pubs and eatery's, but if you truly want that rich casino experience while you're in Ballarat, you're going to want to take a quick trip over to Melbourne. That quick trip will take you to the famous Crown Melbourne, where you'll find the nearest and most vibrant casino and hotel. It's definitely worth the short drive to the south side of the Yarra River to get some game time before you head back to Ballarat.