TraralgonTraralgon is located in Victoria, Australia. Specifically, the Gippsland district of Victoria. There are many nature walks that you can visit but that isn't exactly a rare find in a luscious climate like Australia. Some more notable attractions you should definitely be interested in would be the Narkoojee Winery. There is a restaurant named The Cellar Door and here is where you can actually taste the wines that come from the vineyard as well as order from the extensive menu available. Narkoojee has an infamous reputation and many of their wines, Chardonnay and Merlot alike, have won numerous awards.

If you're more interested in the scenery that Australia has to offer than there is also the option for you to take a trip to the well known Phillip Island to experience the wonder that is the penguin parade. This is quite a distance from Taralgon so if you prefer something closer to your hotel then just an exploration of the Gippsland lakes could suffice. Some even closer attractions would be notorious architecture such as the Traralgon Post Office, Ryans Hotel and the Ostler House. The Traralgon post office has been established since 1886 and is still in great standing. There also options for you to go sky diving or gliding and view the magnificent scenery of the Gippsland region as well as parts of Traralgon.

If you and your friends or even your spouse are looking for some more entertainment there is always a chance to partake in the casinos that the region has to offer. The number one choice when in Traralgon would be the Crown Casino. It is in Melbourne but it is the biggest and top casino in Victoria, Australia. They are well known for their high stakes tables and intensely competitive poker games. They even include a VIP section where they offer competitive table limits from Blackjack to Pai Gow. Casinos around the world cannot compete with how high they hold their tables stakes.

When your trip to Traralgon is coming to and end you can always finish the visit right by enjoying a picnic at Victory Park. Here you can view lovely works of art by sculpture Lars Compatalis and even the park's wonderful gardens and band rotunda. Make your next vacation a memorable one by visiting Traralgon.