Australian Punter Pockets AU$196,000 for Betting on a Wawrinka and Li Na Win

A TAB Corp customer won as much as AU$196,000 for wagering on the probability that Stanislas Wawrinka and Li Na will become the Australian Open Grand Slam Tennis Champions for Men and Women, respectively.

TAB Corp spokesperson Nicholas Tzaferis explained that a AU$435 cash bet for the Warinka-Li Na win was placed last January 16, when the betting odds for such outcome were 451-1. As the turn of events has it, the shrewd prediction became a reality while the clever TAB Corp. customer gained profitably from it. The corporate bookmaker though, could not give a name to the lucky punter who won from these outcomes, since the bet was paid for in cash in one of the betting giant's 2,900 outlets in Australia.

Although casual gamblers are less likely to place huge bets on events perceived as having a greater probability of not happening, a related Bloomberg report provides info that there are now the so-called professional tennis punters. These are the ones placing bets on tennis matches by using algorithms and computer models. According to William Knottenbelt, an associate professor who teaches computing at the Imperial College of London, tennis matches are convenient prospects for which to create algorithms, because there are only two tennis players to consider, while the statistics needed are readily accessible.

The CEO of Isle of Man-based Global Betting & Gaming Consultancy, Warwick Bartlett, disclosed that more gamblers are using computers to process data for wagering purposes, in the same way by which bookmakers use mathematics in setting the odds. Bartlett added that there are now as many as 20 professional tennis gamblers relying on algorithms created from tennis match data, when placing bets during tournaments.