Investigation Leads To Five Arrests in Sydney

A long criminal investigation that was conducted over a four year time period involving five men were believed to have been a part of a major money laundering and drug trafficking scheme that was going on internationally. This was a joint process between the FBI and the law enforcement of New South Wales. Part of these five men were arrested in Sydney and others in the USA because they were all were in separate areas at the time they were taken in by the police. A major concert promoter by the name of Andrew McManus, Craig Haeusler who has been referred to as a heavy leader in drug trafficking, the attorney of Mr. McManus Michael Croke was practicing in London. There were two other unnamed accomplices as well.

An interesting factor led this investigation into a high gear status sometime in the year 2011 because of an odd suitcase that was discovered containing a large amount of cash, and it was said to have contained close to $702,000 inside of it. It was located at the Hilton in Sydney where Sean Carolan was staying. He happens to be an ex-cage-fighter, and it was in his possession at the time of the incident. There was a tip which was anonymous and made to the Sydney police department. A claim was made that there was a visiting guest in Carolan's hotel room, and this person seen was holding a hand gun. Police did arrive at one point, and they only spotted Sean Carolan with some sort of black suitcase.

It was filled with a huge amount of money at that point. Mr. Carolan had an explanation for the situation that had just occurred, and he claimed that he was waiting and holding on to this black suitcase for one of his partners in business for Advance Peptide Solutions Company. He stated that he was keeping this mysterious amount of revenue safe for his partner Owen Hanson Jr. because allegedly Mr. Hanson had some type of severe gambling addiction, and this action was supposed to prevent Owen Hanson Jr. from spending it all at the casino trying to win more but losing. Some conflicting stories came about in 2012 that discredits what was originally admitted to. The money was now claimed to have come from a tour that Lenny Kravitz had performed, and these were the proceeds that came about from it. This statement came from Andrew McManus who said that the cash found belonged to him actually.

The police involved with this investigative process concluded that this was payment from a deal having to do with cocaine, but these funds were actually supposed to be given to the casino itself.