Latest Market Survey Shows Punters Still Prefer Pokies over All Other Forms of Gambling  

Australian market research company Roy Morgan, has just released the results of its latest 12-month survey up to March 31, 2014, accounting the total AU$16.3 billion gambling money spent by Aussies during the 12-month period. The market report demonstrates the Australian punters' fascination for pokies, as around $9.8 billion were wagered on slot machines, and only AU$2.5 went to horse-racing, while AU$1.7 billion were spent on lotteries. Lottery games Keno and scratch cards account for only AU$0.5 billion and AU$0.3 billion respectively.

Apparently, the Australian gambling market is not too keen on casino table games either, as it accounts for only four (4) percent of the nation's overall gambling expenditures, or an equivalent of AU$0.6 billion. According to Jane Ianniello, Roy Morgan's International Director of Tourism, Travel and Leisure, the reported figures make sense, as “half of pokie machine players qualify as heavy gamblers, compared to one in five gamblers overall.”

In a separate report, the H2 Gambling Capital (H2GC) revealed that in 2013, Australian punters had lost a combined US$18.4 billion, and made similar attribution to slot machines as the recipient of the biggest chunk of the country's aggregate gambling losses.

Although other previous gambling reports had indicated that the popularity of pokie machines waned during the past decade, the electronic gaming machines (EGMs) still remain as the main generator of gambling revenue in the “Land Down Under.” The World Count of Gaming Machines reports that the current estimated overall proportion of EGMs is one gaming terminal for every 108 Aussie punters. New South Wales accounts for the most number of slot machines in Australia by having as many as 97,103 units, followed by Queensland for having 47,318 poker machines.