Premium Mass-Market Gamblers Account for Crown-Melco’s Revenue Growth

AU Crown Says Premium Mass-Market Gamblers Account for Crown-Melco's Revenue Growth

It is not every day that one hears the term “premium mass-market gamblers” when coming across gambling news topics. Yet of late, punters coming from this specific group of casino customers are now the apple of Crown Casino's eye, as their patronage has brought in as much as $387.5 million in pre-tax revenue in the first quarter of 2014, to Crown's Macau-based Casino.

Catering to VIPs is fast becoming a deadbeat strategy, because unlike the VIPs, “premium mass-market gamblers” (PMMGs) splurge large amount in casino wagers without expecting or even demanding comps and red carpet treatment. More importantly, the high rolling PMMGs place wagers strictly in cash, as opposed to the VIPs who generally use the credit-funded rolling chips.

As of the first quarter, Crown Casino Corp. account that mass-market table-game revenue at the City of Dreams in Macau rose 25 per cent at $US1.3 billion, and gained 45 per cent or $1.49 billion from mass market slot gaming. The figures stand in contrast to revenue gained from the VIP-dedicated Macau Crown Altira, as the figures dipped to $10.1 billion from a previous year's $11.8 billion.

Crown Melco is at present, focusing much of its attention to PMMGs, and is reportedly the leader when it comes to attracting the more revenue-positive and cost-effective set of high rollers who visit China's only gambling destination. As a matter of fact, the Macau Crown will be opening its third resort casino as additional facility that will further serve not only the VIPs but also the premium mass-market gamblers.