Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy last modified on 29/09/2015

Above all concerns, we here at consider privacy as the number one priority. This Privacy Policy lays out how any of our reader's personal information may be used. Our site does not make any attempt to collect personal information or even an email as we have no purpose for that information. We do not offer a newsletter nor do we make any attempt to contact our readers via email or by any other means.

The Information that May be Collected in the Normal Course of Business

The server on which this website resides only collects information such as the country of origin of our traffic, IP, and other data used in statistical record keeping. No personal information can be derived from the information collected in the normal course of the server's operational functioning.

Any cookies that are used on this site are not used to collect information about our readers personal information. Cookies may be used to assign the correct bonus amounts when our readers choose to select a link to a 3rd party provider from our site. Cookies may be disabled at the browser level. While this is entirely possible, it is not recommended as this action may disable certain features of the website as aforementioned.

3rd Party Sites

We offer links to outside, 3rd party casino service providers. Our privacy policy is for this website only and does not apply to any 3rd party website. Each site has their own policies that should be made available to the reading public. We suggest becoming familiar with the policies of any 3rd party website.

Changes to Our Policy

We may at any time and without notifying our readers, adjust the policy on this page. We make every attempt to notify our readers that we have made any modifications to this policy by updating the last date of modification.