SA Gov to Help Parents Choose Non-Gambling Video Games

South Australia (SA) Deputy Premier and Attorney General John Rau recently announced that government funds amounting to $345,000 have been set aside to assist in the development of a new database, capable of monitoring video games that contain gambling elements. The SA Deputy Premier added that the funding affirms his position pertaining to the government's Children, Technology and Gambling Policy, which aims to reduce the exposure of South Australian youth to simulated gambling games.

The advent and proliferation of online video games and mobile applications has created a completely new landscape, and increased the risks of making gambling-oriented games available to minors. The new database, which will be developed in March 2014, would serve as a reference that parents can use in determining if the premise of a particular online video game or mobile application pertains to gambling. This is in order to lower, if not totally eliminate, the danger of exposing or allowing their children to engage in various forms of betting activities.

In an interview conducted by ABC News last September 2013, DP Rau expressed concerns that a number of new video game releases have inadequate restrictions by being rated as MA 15+, albeit rated as R18+ by overseas jurisdictions. In view of the state government's policy on children, technology and gambling, the issue of including simulated gambling in the national classification administration, will be brought forward to the Commonwealth Government and to other territories.