SKYCITY Hamilton Casino NZ

For casino lovers, nothing feels better than playing in a well architecture building. From cool tables to a comfortable environment, SKYCITY Hamilton Casino in New Zealand is a top notch casino. Highly regarded as a leading casino in that area, SKICITY Hamilton is one of the leading places with established tools for playing. The casino harbors essential tools that players find useful in winning their games. That is why the area is normally flocked with masses as visitors would like to experience the uniqueness of the games and the top notch care by the management.


SKYCITY Hamilton Casino is the third casino to be established in the country. Just like the first two casinos in New Zealand, this casino is a true reflection of what it means to conduct business in a busy area in the city. The central focus of this casino is embedded in the entertainment world. In addition to this, is a night life excitement that most youths swim in. SKICITY Hamilton is indeed a leading entertainment base in New Zealand. The casino is a concrete part of Riverside Entertainment Centre, a place that attracts massive players from the local area. Featuring exciting policies that most players look for in casinos, SKICITY Hamilton is better placed to provide better playing options.

Interesting Facts

One of the best and attractive facts that that SKICITY Hamilton casino harbors is its ability to serve clients 24/7. Unlike most casinos that have to close down during odd hours, this casino is always ready to serve its clients. The management understands that people have different working schedules and that these schedules must be accommodated within the work perimeters. With that in place, SKICITY Hamilton ensures that such clients can play within their schedule. The casino only closes during the holidays. To make it even better, the management ensures that closure is communicated to clients prior to the day. Even so, these closures hardly come up in the year. Also, some holidays can be quite enjoyable as the casino offers free playing chances.

Customer Service

SKICITY Hamilton boasts for being a leading casino in providing some of the best customer care units. These units converge to present a strong bond that works tirelessly to reach out to clients by servicing their needs. The customer care department comprises of trained professionals who understand the importance of retaining clients. With that in place, SKICITY Hamilton Casino cares for every client. From international visitors to locals, this casino understands the basis of taking up each case in a separate platform. Every client is entitled to the attention of the management. That is why since the casino was founded, clients keep flocking for membership.


Hamilton is known for its excellent service delivery capabilities. The company attracts huge masses of players because of its reliability. Featuring Learn to Play tables, this casino offers different days for specified games. The arrangement is usually communicated to clients. The Learn to Play Tables are set to encourage new players by teaching them how to play. Some of the games availed at Learn to Play tables include blackjack and roulette. This package is always presented with brochures and listings that offer a learning opportunity to gamers. The experience is structured to assist them to learn how to play some of the high ranking games.


SKICITY may not be the best casino internationally but in New Zealand, it is among the best. Offering compelling opportunities coupled with excellent customer service, this casino offers an array of impeccable gaming opportunities. From the top management to customer service, everything fits in place. As a casino based in an entertaining place, SKICITY Hamilton offers sheer range of fun-thrilled opportunity.