Stock Market Observers Name Three Gaming Tech Firms to Consider

Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) observers have come up with some trade options that present lower exposure yet show ability to post growth that could deliver healthy yields. Although there are always the big-named and well-placed firms to consider, growth investors could give some thought to the following ASX-listed firms:

eBet Limited

eBet has a small market cap at AU$51.6 million and lowest dividend yield of 1.04%; but based on a list of 52-week share price indices, its current share price of AU $3.37 is quite near to its highest posted share price of AU$3.44 and notably way above its lowest of AU$1.13 during the inclusive period. Growth is likely since the Victoria government recently granted approval for eBet to offer its high tech products and services to Victoria's licensed gambling venues.

Jumbo Interactive (JIN)

JIN is another small capital AU firm at AU$56.8 million but with a higher yield of 2.31 percent. The current share price may have dropped to AU$1.30 from a 52-week high of AU$2.68 and only a few cents above the lowest of AU$1.27. Yet growth can be expected as the company recently announced its 50/50 joint venture deal in the U.S, the launch of a forthcoming Mexico-facing website, expansion moves in Germany and recently, a partnership deal with AU's Tatts.

Ainsworth Game Technology Ltd (AGI)

Ainsworth has as much as AU$1.46 billion in capital with current share price of AU$4.15, near enough to its highest price of AU$4.79 but shows improvement from its lowest of $3.33 in the 52-week chart. Growth investors could look to AGI's record of shareholder return: 3-year total is at 158%, 5-year total at 128.5% and 10 year total 25.5%, all which outshines former parent company and closest competitor Aristocrat Technologies with 36.6%, 8.6% and 5.0% respectively.